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• In 2012-2014, a growing number of Vietnamese American advocates organized the annual Vietnam Advocacy Day in America’s national capital.
• Facing the accelerating developments in Vietnam, in May 2014, these pioneers in global advocacy decided to found CFDV for the sake of greater visibility and continuity.
• Mission: Mobilize international support to promote freedom and democracy in Vietnam
• Approach: Offer a venue for like-minded individuals and groups to effectively engage in international advocacy. Note: text in dark blue are hyperlinks to relevant pages/links Page 2AWhat We Do
• Global Advocacy through various campaign such as Vietnam Advocacy Day, Civic participation, Get out the vote, support Vietnamese-American to run for public office.
• Human Rights Protection projects such as CAMSA, Free Prisoners of Conscience.
• Civil Society Development: Reporting Human Rights Abuses and Collaboration with ASEAN partners.

Human Right & Democracy Defenders
  • Mạch Sống
  • Liên Minh Chống Tra Tấn VN

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